Merry Christmas Everyone

Passing to the mall and have some poses would be a lot to cherish.

Some of my moments with MerrySMChristmases:

2010: (L-R) Me, Harold, Joan, Girlie, Rob and Edlen
2011: (L-R) Bonne, Girlie, Jay and Me

Starbucks Planner 2015

December 02, 2014

Honestly, I already gave up of having the Starbucks Planner 2015 because I don't visit Starbucks that much lately. As we all know, to have this, you need to collect 18 stickers. By doing that you need to purchase a total of 18 beverages that includes 9 holiday featured beverages and 9 regular beverages from November 3, 2014 to January 8, 2015 only. Although it can be redeemed up to March 8, 2015 if you completed them.

Holiday Featured Beverages (9 stickers)                                             
choice of any of the following:
    Toffee Nut Latte (hot, iced or Frappuccino® blended beverage)
    Peppermint Mocha (hot iced or Frappuccino® blended beverage)
    Christmas Cookie Latte (hot, iced or Frappuccino® blended beverage)

Any Starbucks Core Beverage of your choice (9 stickers)
EXCEPT bottled beverages
TOTAL 18 stickers

Please visit for the complete mechanics.

Thanks to Rich for this. This has been the best give I've ever had this year so far.
Available colors this year: