United Bearing-Two Seasons 2015 Christmas Party

December 18, 2015
Uno Seafood Restaurant, 270 Calvo Bldg Escolta St, Bgy 291, Zone 027 Binondo, Manila

This is my first time to attend a Christmas Party here in United Bearing. The United Bearing-Two Seasons 2015 Christmas Party held in Uno Seafood Restaurant.

I think they got unlimited food with unlimited drinks. Hehehe.. First served was Lechon Baboy, a Seafood Spinach Soup, then few minutes later a tower of beer, a saucer of peanut, a Seafood Fried Rice (I think because it has shrimp, obviously I don't know the menu, I'm just describing what I've observed), a Lechon Manok, Beef Steak with lots of broccoli in it, canned softdrinks and bottled water, refill of tower of beer twice, a Mango Juice with Bilo-bilo, Seafood Pancit, Fried Lumpia, refill of canned softdrinks and bottled water, Flat Siopao (hahaha, hindi ko alam kung ano ang tawag).

It was a very intimate event. Even it was not so organized event, I think it was fun. Fun to watch people dance for their lives. LOL! With prizes of 10k, 5k, 3k and consolation prizes of 2k each group. One group to representative their branch. Then parlor games. The "bring me" is I think excites me a lot. The players are the people in every table. We "almost" win (our table). Almost because we don't have white handkerchief instead we had white bath towel. By the way, per table were ask to bring 5 items: credit card, black eyeliner, nail-cutter, condom and white handkerchief.

There are only 2 tables who presented the 5 items but the other table don't have black eyeliner instead they have brown. So the judges decided for a tie-breaker, a pink lipstick, unfortunately, we don't have one so we lost.

What I like this Party:
 - Very intimate.
 - So many foods and drinks.

What I don't like this Party:
 - No photo-booth. For me, this is kinda important because this is my only way to reminisce what happened to this event. All I can do is mirror selfie. Poor me! No photo op for the raffle winners. Buti nalang I didn't won anything. LOL!
 - Very intimate but I almost can't hear the crowd's participation. Is it because of the hosts or just the crowd who doesn't want to participate? But in all fairness to the hosts, I think they did a pretty good job but still I was looking for something lively.
 - It was not so organized, the way they presented gifts/raffles and even the games.

I remember in my previous company that all the employees had something/gifts but because of the number of people that is almost a thousand, they decided to flash the pre-raffled names in the screen then claim the items in the office the following day. Only major prizes were announced in the event. No show can't accept the prize and re-raffle. For those who did not win the major prizes will go home empty handed. While here, because of a lot smaller number of people, all the gifts were brought to the venue and upon entering, you pick a number in a container bowl and claim your gift right away. The rest of the gifts were re-raffled to the employees who were present in the event plus the major prizes like watch, cellphone, laptop and LED TV sets. So basically, all the employees will go home with at least 1 gift. Which is nice but a little bit scary at the same time coz you need to go home with all the stuff with you in a very late evening.

Starbucks Planner 2016 by Moleskine®

December 3, 2015

Just like last year, I really did not think of having this planner this year coz first, I don't have the budget to have drinks to collect the 18 stickers. So if you'll compute it in numbers, you need to spend at least PHP2,295.00

Sample computation for the cheapest beverages like tea for 18 stickers:
Tea - PHP100.00 x 9 = PHP900.00
Christmas Beverage - PHP155.00 x 9 = PHP1,395.00

Good thing I have a friend who always go to starbucks but doesn't want the planner. Thanks man! I appreciate it a lot!
Thanks to Rich
This year's color choices in 2 sizes:
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/StarbucksPhilippines

And got a chance to have it personalized. Love this too but unfortunately, not available to all branches.
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/StarbucksPhilippines