Trip to Olongapo 2015

May 9-10, 2015
Olongapo, Zambales

Being away for a while or out of town trips has always been the reason why I'm excited for the next days. The feeling of thinking what to do while in there or what I'm going to experience is what excites me more. But nonetheless, just doing nothing in other place or new place is just enough for me. Taking pictures while waiting for the hours to pass will never be out of the picture. Ay, ano daw? Whatever!

This was my first time to visit the City of Olongapo. I've heard that there's a lot of bars along the highway, now, I can confirmed to that. A lot of foreigners walking down the streets and some of them are not really foreigners coz they're locals. They just look like one because of one of their parents is foreigner.

This was also my first time to ride a jet ski. For Php2,500.00/hour (discounted rate, regular rate is PHP3,000.00) you can never tell how fun it was. All I can say, it was a hell of adventure.