United Bearing-Two Seasons 2015 Christmas Party

December 18, 2015
Uno Seafood Restaurant, 270 Calvo Bldg Escolta St, Bgy 291, Zone 027 Binondo, Manila

This is my first time to attend a Christmas Party here in United Bearing. The United Bearing-Two Seasons 2015 Christmas Party held in Uno Seafood Restaurant.

I think they got unlimited food with unlimited drinks. Hehehe.. First served was Lechon Baboy, a Seafood Spinach Soup, then few minutes later a tower of beer, a saucer of peanut, a Seafood Fried Rice (I think because it has shrimp, obviously I don't know the menu, I'm just describing what I've observed), a Lechon Manok, Beef Steak with lots of broccoli in it, canned softdrinks and bottled water, refill of tower of beer twice, a Mango Juice with Bilo-bilo, Seafood Pancit, Fried Lumpia, refill of canned softdrinks and bottled water, Flat Siopao (hahaha, hindi ko alam kung ano ang tawag).

It was a very intimate event. Even it was not so organized event, I think it was fun. Fun to watch people dance for their lives. LOL! With prizes of 10k, 5k, 3k and consolation prizes of 2k each group. One group to representative their branch. Then parlor games. The "bring me" is I think excites me a lot. The players are the people in every table. We "almost" win (our table). Almost because we don't have white handkerchief instead we had white bath towel. By the way, per table were ask to bring 5 items: credit card, black eyeliner, nail-cutter, condom and white handkerchief.

There are only 2 tables who presented the 5 items but the other table don't have black eyeliner instead they have brown. So the judges decided for a tie-breaker, a pink lipstick, unfortunately, we don't have one so we lost.

What I like this Party:
 - Very intimate.
 - So many foods and drinks.

What I don't like this Party:
 - No photo-booth. For me, this is kinda important because this is my only way to reminisce what happened to this event. All I can do is mirror selfie. Poor me! No photo op for the raffle winners. Buti nalang I didn't won anything. LOL!
 - Very intimate but I almost can't hear the crowd's participation. Is it because of the hosts or just the crowd who doesn't want to participate? But in all fairness to the hosts, I think they did a pretty good job but still I was looking for something lively.
 - It was not so organized, the way they presented gifts/raffles and even the games.

I remember in my previous company that all the employees had something/gifts but because of the number of people that is almost a thousand, they decided to flash the pre-raffled names in the screen then claim the items in the office the following day. Only major prizes were announced in the event. No show can't accept the prize and re-raffle. For those who did not win the major prizes will go home empty handed. While here, because of a lot smaller number of people, all the gifts were brought to the venue and upon entering, you pick a number in a container bowl and claim your gift right away. The rest of the gifts were re-raffled to the employees who were present in the event plus the major prizes like watch, cellphone, laptop and LED TV sets. So basically, all the employees will go home with at least 1 gift. Which is nice but a little bit scary at the same time coz you need to go home with all the stuff with you in a very late evening.

Starbucks Planner 2016 by Moleskine®

December 3, 2015

Just like last year, I really did not think of having this planner this year coz first, I don't have the budget to have drinks to collect the 18 stickers. So if you'll compute it in numbers, you need to spend at least PHP2,295.00

Sample computation for the cheapest beverages like tea for 18 stickers:
Tea - PHP100.00 x 9 = PHP900.00
Christmas Beverage - PHP155.00 x 9 = PHP1,395.00

Good thing I have a friend who always go to starbucks but doesn't want the planner. Thanks man! I appreciate it a lot!
Thanks to Rich
This year's color choices in 2 sizes:
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/StarbucksPhilippines

And got a chance to have it personalized. Love this too but unfortunately, not available to all branches.
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/StarbucksPhilippines

Free Shopping From BDO Rewards and Laking National Card

October 27, 2015
SM Marikina, Marcos Hiway, Kalumpang, Marikina City

When there's free, no matter what it is, as long as it won't sacrifice my needs/wants, I always grab it. This is the same reason why I was able to watched Heneral Luna for free, thanks to SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc.

Last night, I needed to buy something from National Bookstore and grocery store. The problem was, my allowance is not enough for anything. Good thing I already have points both in my BDO Rewards Card and Laking National Card so I used them for the first time. Happy to go shopping for free. Nakz, shopping daw oh, for one item, shopping agad? LOL!

I Maybe A Writer

October 14, 2015
Manila, Philippines

If I was a brainy, maybe I am a writer now. I'd like to write anything and everything. From vision to reality to past. Maybe not in the right sequence, but one thing is for sure, I wanna write it for personal interest and of course, for me to earn money. As far as I know J. K. Rowling is the most acknowledge successful writer in history as of this moment. Who would have thought that writing a children's book would gave her billions of dollars. A lot of money, isn't it? Definitely, there's money in writing. Once your book has been published, expect a revenue from it.

Composing a thought is very hard for me specially if there's spelling and grammar involve coz maybe I didn't pay attention during my English classes from my elementary up to my college days. I don't know, I find it very difficult to juggle with words, understanding them and pronouncing them.

I remember, due to frustrations of getting a job, supposed to be my first job, because nobody wants to hire me in accounting for the reason that I was a fresh graduate and no job experience, Heller, that's why I was looking a job to get experience. Duh! So I applied in several call centers. This time, they didn't hire me to be their agent simply because I didn't meet to their standards:
1. They can't hear me well. My voice is very low.
2. Poor pronunciation.
3. Too many pauses when talking (too many 'um...').
4. Wrong grammar.

So back to basic, I mean, back to finding job related to what I studied. I became a constant customer in a computer shop. I spent at least an hour everyday to check if somebody responded to my applications via email. When there's none, I have to stay just to consume the paid hour. Take note, because of this, I started writing a blog. The first comment I've got was to correct my grammar and spelling. Cool huh? That's why I said to myself, 'If I keep this blog thing, it should be a photo blog'. But then I learned that blogging can earn you money because google is willing to pay you if you activate their AdSense. Since I am up for money, I did activate it. The catch is, you need to have more page view to earn $. My friend told me that in order get more audience, I need to have at least 500 words. wow! That's a lot of words! Where to find them? LOL!

And by the way, why I am writing this in English if I can't speak English very well? Well, for the sake of writing and to be not limited only to my country and able to reach other countries who can understand English.

Heneral Luna [2015]

October 01, 2015
Cinema 12, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

When making a movie review, you'll always think what happen and need to have your realization or even your enterpretation of the movie. That's the thing I don't like doing coz I don't know how to do it. I just went to a movie, to watched, picture picture then post it here.

After watching Heneral Luna, I tried to read some movie reviews from the professional movie reviewers. I kinda agree with Sergio Gabriel for being shame and pride being Filipino. Shame coz of the rampant crab mentality Filipino has. Pride coz despite the mistresses movies has been produced by big movie producers in the Country, there are others who's brave enough to come up with this. If its true that its going to be a trillogy, then I can't wait for the other 2 Philippine heroes to be seen on big screen soon. I heard the next is Gen. Gregorio del Pilar. Is it going to be Paulo Avelino (special participation in Heneral Luna as Gen. Gregorio del Pilar), I hope so.

I almost can't believe that it was a last full show. The long line for the movie was unbelievable, the fact that this was not on its first week, this was first shown to the public last September 9, 2015 and I could honestly say, I was surprised but then after the show, you would say, no wonder! It was a great movie experience. Not your tpyical movie you've always wanted but kinda refreshing movie you wanna watch.

What I like about this movie:

1. It's history
2. The actors, special mention to Archie Alemania
3. The sound effects (I caught myself shouting in surprised when the souldier has been shot at his nightwatch in his 'yosi time')

What I don't like about this movie:

1. It's history (yeah, I know, I mentioned it above)
2. The special effects (needs improvement)

List of movies that is based to the story of Philippine heroes that I know:

1. José Rizal (1998) - Starring Cesar Montano as Dr. Jose Rizal. Directed by Marilou-Diaz Abaya

2. Rizal sa Dapitan (1997) - Starring Albert Martinez as Jose Rizal. Directed by Tikoy Aguiluz

3. Lapu-Lapu (2002) - Starring Lito Lapid as Lapu-Lapu and Joyce Jimenez. Directed by William G. Mayo

4. Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio (2010) - Starring Alfred Vargas as Andres Bonifacio, Lance Raymundo as Emilio Aguinaldo. Directed by Mario O'Hara

5. Jose Rizal: The First Hero (2012) - Documentary. Directed by Paolo Abella

6. El Presidente (2012) - Staring ER Ejercito as Emilio Aguinaldo. Directed by Mark Meily

7. Supremo (2012) - Starring Alfred Vargas as Andres Bonifacio. Directed by Richard Somes

I'd like to thank SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. for this free movie experience.

Free Iced Duo Mocha from Starbucks Courtesy of Starbucks Card

September 27, 2015
Starbucks, Mezza Residences, Aurora Blvd. corner Araneta Ave., Quezon City

I'm really not experimental on foods or even on drinks but lately, I wanna try to change that by ordering something that I don't usually order. This time I tried their Iced Duo Mocha, also available in hot and frappuccino. Not knowing that I've already earned 12 stars in my starbucks card, meaning I get to redeem it to a grande size beverage of choice. Cool! I just add PHP15.00 for the upsize.

I love free! This is my third time to claim my free beverage. My first and second was in Robinsons Pioneer. Can't wait for more! Hehehe
2015.09.27#Starbucks #MezzaResidences#AuroraAvenue corner #AranetaAvenue #QuezonCityDrinks: Iced Duo MochaSize:...
Posted by Encef Fuentes on Sunday, September 27, 2015

#BenchDesignStudio (Create Your Own Design 2015)

September 13, 2015
SM Megamall Fashion Hall, Building D

I saw this campaign last year but didn't have the time to visit their locations coz maybe it fall on weekdays or too far from my place, either way. This year, they visited SM Megamall on September 11-13, 2015 so I made sure to drop by and have my personalized shirt!

Personalized things are my fetish. Whatever it is, as long as my name on it, I'd definitely love it. When Bench decided to do this personalize design shirt to be printed right away and you'll have to wait for few minutes, I can't afford to miss it again. Good thing, they're just around my vicinity.

During the event, I saw Ellen Adarna and Pancho Magno (celebrity guests) but I poses with their cute DJ, Tyson Kraft. Harhar!
And they even have freebies in every personalized shirt. I got 2 items from Oishi and Datu Puti.

Fantastic Four [2015]

August 5, 2015
Cinema 3, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

Oh, I'm trying to make a review here. Don't hate me, I'm not real critic (I don't even know how to make one), I'm just a movie goer that wanna say my two cents worth.

I don't wanna go further to the details of the story because you can read them in Wikipedia or any other sites.

10 years ago, I watched the same movie title, Fantastic Four. So basically, almost everything here is about comparing the 2 movies.

What I Like This Movie

I like this movie because the story started from 5th Grade showing the solid friendship between Reed Richards and Ben Grimm which doesn't happened 10 years ago.

I also like how Sue's power became very useful compare to the previous one.

What I Don't Like This Movie

I don't like how they execute the movie because as a normal being, I can't feel the super heroes around me. Yeah, they maybe saved the world by fighting Doctor Doom but unlike the previous Fantastic Four, they were literally saving people yet struggling in fighting the villain.

Sorry but noticed that I was not convinced about Miles Teller aka Reed Richards' acting that he is a genius one. I don't know but I was just not convinced but on the contrary the younger version of him did a very good job.

To be honest, I still like the 2005 movie than this! But great story though! No wonder there are lots of negative reviews to this movie. Oh, I forgot to mention, first day of showing here in the Philippines but I can count in my fingers the people inside the movie house including us. Sad :'(
Encef and Ms Girlie
Main Characters:
Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
- Ioan Gruffudd (2005); Miles Teller (2015)
Sue Storm / Invisible Woman
- Jessica Alba (2005); Kate Mara (2015)
Johnny Storm / Human Torch
- Chris Evans (2005); Michael B. Jordan (2015)
Ben Grimm / The Thing
- Michael Chiklis (2005); Jamie Bell (2015)

Trip to Olongapo 2015

May 9-10, 2015
Olongapo, Zambales

Being away for a while or out of town trips has always been the reason why I'm excited for the next days. The feeling of thinking what to do while in there or what I'm going to experience is what excites me more. But nonetheless, just doing nothing in other place or new place is just enough for me. Taking pictures while waiting for the hours to pass will never be out of the picture. Ay, ano daw? Whatever!

This was my first time to visit the City of Olongapo. I've heard that there's a lot of bars along the highway, now, I can confirmed to that. A lot of foreigners walking down the streets and some of them are not really foreigners coz they're locals. They just look like one because of one of their parents is foreigner.

This was also my first time to ride a jet ski. For Php2,500.00/hour (discounted rate, regular rate is PHP3,000.00) you can never tell how fun it was. All I can say, it was a hell of adventure.

My Fear of Dogs

January 2, 2014

After our dog Brownie, askal, killed in front of me and after I was almost bitten by almost twice of my size during our visit in Makilala, North Cotabato when I was in grade school, I started to fear to be near with dogs specially the barking one. If they bark near me or at me, my feet can't almost move and shake like they perform without my consent. I don't exaggerate things but I really can't help it. So I always, as much as possible, get away from them.

This feeling never get away with my system even if I got older. The memorable experience of it, was during our dance rehearsal for our Christmas party in 2010 where we went to the house of our supervisor to practice, without knowing that they have a very huge dogs (exaggerated). But huge enough to eat me alive (for real). I don't know what happen but I almost can't remember how I got in the house passing those animals. The next thing I know, I quit the group, and luckily they won. So maybe, it was just my destiny not to be part of them so they could win.

On December 20, 2014 my housemate bought a Shih Tzu, he named him Pray. A very cute one. And most of all very active and sweet one. At first, I got scared, even if he is sweet, to touch him specially when he bark to Kit, a cat. I felt like he really wants to attack Kit, so every time he barks, I always caught myself folding my legs in our fording bed. Hahaha.. Funny but true.

Now Kit and Pray are now like best of friends because they cuddle or bite each other a lot. So Pray doesn't bark that much. If he bark, not that loud anymore and you can always feel that his barks are not to scare you but to play with you. So I started to like him already. From this day forward, I am playing with him already. Pictures below can show you how we get along.

Maybe I don't fear dogs anymore, or just depends on the kind of dogs, I really can't tell coz I still fear them when I see a big one in the street even the one at the malls.