Merry Christmas Everyone

Passing to the mall and have some poses would be a lot to cherish.

Some of my moments with MerrySMChristmases:

2010: (L-R) Me, Harold, Joan, Girlie, Rob and Edlen
2011: (L-R) Bonne, Girlie, Jay and Me

Starbucks Planner 2015

December 02, 2014

Honestly, I already gave up of having the Starbucks Planner 2015 because I don't visit Starbucks that much lately. As we all know, to have this, you need to collect 18 stickers. By doing that you need to purchase a total of 18 beverages that includes 9 holiday featured beverages and 9 regular beverages from November 3, 2014 to January 8, 2015 only. Although it can be redeemed up to March 8, 2015 if you completed them.

Holiday Featured Beverages (9 stickers)                                             
choice of any of the following:
    Toffee Nut Latte (hot, iced or Frappuccino® blended beverage)
    Peppermint Mocha (hot iced or Frappuccino® blended beverage)
    Christmas Cookie Latte (hot, iced or Frappuccino® blended beverage)

Any Starbucks Core Beverage of your choice (9 stickers)
EXCEPT bottled beverages
TOTAL 18 stickers

Please visit for the complete mechanics.

Thanks to Rich for this. This has been the best give I've ever had this year so far.
Available colors this year:

Rendel's Send Off To Zamboanga

November 12, 2014
NAIA Terminal 3, Pasay City

This is my first time to meet Rendel here in Metro Manila but not a good timing for catching up coz I was sending him off to Zamboanga to attend the burial of his little brother Ricky who died on Monday, November 10.

NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I’ve ever had!

Coffee has always been a big part of my daily morning routine. My day is incomplete without it.
NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I’ve ever had! The aroma of it gives you the feeling of wanting to smell it first before drinking that will definitely gives you the reason smile. The smile of happiness and satisfaction.
The coffee foam and choco sprinkles make it a more indulgent experience. When the coffee foam touches your lips, it will stay their and form like a mustache that most of the time, I make fun of it. The choco sprinkles completed the reason why it has its inviting aroma and a tasteful flavor.

How about you? How indulgent your cup of NESCAFÉ Cappuccino?

My First Time To Visit SM Megamall Building D

October 25, 2014
SM Megamall Building D, Mandaluyong City

This is my first time actually to check out what are the new additions of SM Megamall.

The main reason why I checked out Building D was to find my friend who is working in H&M. I was expecting the boutique was just a typical boutique I used to go. I was wrong coz they're occupying three level. Oh come on, how can I find her? Still I tried to check every level but found nothing. But during my search, I saw Janno Gibbs and wife Bing Loyzaga in the crowd. It cross my mind to ask a photo op with them but they're too busy searching clothes so I did not bother.

Because I can't find my friend here, so I proceed to meet my other good friends for our get together. We roam around the new building until we've noticed the line of people. Some kind of they've been given a card. Since I've been collecting reward cards from different establishments/brands, so we've decided to check it out.  True, it was a reward card from City Of Dreams Manila. Cool! We even had a raffle ticket for change to win a car instantly, unfortunately I didn't win it but instead a pillow. Not bad! Thanks to them. Superlike!

Starbucks City Mug - Singapore

October 12, 2014
Maybunga, Pasig City

Just arrived from Zamboanga City and this is what I've got from Rich from his Singapore adventure. So happy to collect the starbucks city mug. But its much happier if it is a gift. Sweet!

Who else wanna give me city mug? So far I only have Boracay and this one. Hehehe

Back In Manila

October 12, 2014
Maybunga, Pasig City

After how many days in the island and a month in the city, I am now back to congested city in the Philippines, Manila. This is also the start of my struggle in finding a new job. Good luck to me.

Throwback Thursday Shirt

October 9, 2014
Esperanza, Olutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay

Throwback Thursday it is! Not the picture but the shirt. It was our 2nd year college shirt. I love the design and color of it and still fits me! Nice! My background was the cemented road of Esperanza even just for a kilometer long but it is a good sign of development.

Trying To Clean The Backyard

October 7, 2014
Olutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay

Cleaning the backyard was my frustration because I can't even finish what I've started. I easily got blisters even though it was just for a couple of minutes holding the dagger. Sad :(

Instead, I end up eating jackfruit, macaroni salad and gelatin from our neighbor. Thanks to Ya Lita.

Get Paid In Blogging

September 2, 2014
Pasonanca, Zamboanga City

I was introduced to blogging during our seminar in college way back in 2007 but I did not take it seriously coz I never had an interest in writing. Maybe because I've been told that my English is poor. Wrong grammar most of the time and as expected there are wrong spelling in it.

Until I found tumblr. I signed up but did not post anything. I just scan the other members and their posts. Then I got interested with it because most of the posts has no words but just pictures. Since I love taking pictures of myself, I got hooked with it. Until a good friend of mine told me that I can customize my blog if I want to and even earn money from it by putting Google ads. So I ask him to help me how to do it. I'm glad he did. He even suggested two more free blog sites, blogger and wordpress that has similar services with tumblr. I signed up those sites and starting to explore how they work. But for me, I found blogger more manageable in terms of customizing them according to my preferred style so as of the moment, my most active blog is in blogger.

I been blogging for years now. Begging my officemates and friends to view or at least click the links of my blogs I sent to them, but most of them, didn't  even care to click it. Honestly, I got hurt that they did not click the links knowing that I beg them to check it. But because of my very strong personality, I did not show them how I felt. I know deep inside that the main reason why they don't care to check it simply because there's nothing interesting to see or read on it. But in my mind, if they ask me same favor, I'll do it with no questions ask coz it will not cost me anything, not even time coz I don't even need to read them. But as time goes by, I got used to it.

Earning from Google ads was definitely not my reason why I do blogging but just posting my pictures for me to have something to remember or even browse in the internet and even show to the people who wants to see my pictures or experiences. But this year I've received my very first payment from Google ads. A month before my birthday. How's that? You know the feeling of excitement and happiness that you can't express/contain? Not to mention very proud because I don't know, I just felt proud. I know this is not big amount of money but the joy it gave me was priceless.

I got the email from Google last August 23 but were not able to check it right away because I was confined in the hospital because of dengue.

Wow, I just like to thank to all the people who click or visit my blogs. Especially to my officemates and friends who tried to please me. I cannot thank you enough.

By the way, here are my blogs:
Encef - My personal experiences
My Adventure with Nature - All experiences with nature
Kainan atbp. - My food trips
SMAFTS - The get together and everything under the sun

Confined Because Of Dengue - First Time!

August 23-28, 2014

This was my first time to be confined in the hospital because of dengue. And hopefully, it will be the last. I don't know where I got this.

Being in the hospital for 5 days was not easy especially if you were afraid of needles like me. In my case, they needed to monitor my White Blood Cell (WBC) twice a day. Hayz.. Accordingly, dengue has no cure, so the doctor said, all I needed to do was to drink a lot of water. As in a LOT! Good luck! Because of this, my average pee was 800cc/hr.

A Very Sad Homecoming!

August 02, 2014
Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Terminal 3

This is the saddest homecoming ever. I will be going home coz I've received an SMS and calls yesterday at 1507H that my father is in the hospital and about to send to ICU, 3 hours later, at 1853H another SMS received informing me that he's gone. I don't know what to say coz the last time I saw him was a year ago. This was the time was also he was confined in the hospital with the same illness. And this was also the time I said to myself that I will be staying for good but a traumatic experience happened. I'm not that showy of how much I love them. A typical problem with poor family like us who don't tell "I love you" to each other coz it will sound awkward coz you haven't raised to expressly say the words.

Later in the evening, I watched Pinoy Big Brother All-In in where in Loisa was given by Kuya a YOLO (You Only Live Once) challenge to face her fear and as a reward, she will meet her mother and get a chance to express her true feelings to her mother. It made my cry coz I can definitely relate to it.

As always, other people tell us that we have say "I love you" to them before they'll gone. How can I help it if it really wasn't your upbringing? I may have regretted the days that I haven't expressly told him that I love him but being shy and feeling awkward, maybe I can't complain more.

I love you, Tay. I know that its already too late, but for me, never too late.

Fire Alert!

July 11, 2014
Maybunga, Pasig City

One day you woke up with the noise from your neighbor shouting "sunog, sunog" and found out that it was just the warehouse located in the second building from your place, something like you're a joke coz you don't know what to do. I packed my clothes and then ready the important documents in case of evacuation. When the firefighters arrived, I felt relieved. That's the only time I can feel the air. Since I don't have to worry anything anymore, I've started posing for the camera. Whataday!

The ABS-CBN Mobile Retailers Convention 2014

June 19, 2014
Mall Of Asia Arena, Pasay City

Having the slogan of "Swak Sa'yo Kapamilya!" This event was organized in one way of thanking the retailers and at the same time to educate the others how to load and how much they'll earn in selling ABS-CBN Mobile promo loads. It has load of freebies, raffles and games for everyone. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in any games and did not even win the raffle. However, I was able to take home a t-shirt + snacks.

So much fun meeting with my officemates again. Kinda shy but go, here I am, don't mind anything but ready to watch the Kapamilya stars to perform live.

I was able to see Alex Gonzaga, Jason Gainza and Slater Young (hosts)
+ Jacob Benedicto, Chevin Cecilio, Ranty Portento, Aina Solano, Axel Torres and Cess Mae Visitacion of Pinoy Big Brother All-In Ex-housemates

NN's Send Off to Bacolod

June 14, 2014
Ninoy Aquino International Airport-Terminal 3, Pasay City

It's raining almost all day this day. Good thing it stop by the time of waiting a cab bound to the airport. While we're inside the cab, the rain drops again. When we reach Pasay area, the road were dry. Only to find out that the rain are in some are in Metro Manila including ours. Nice!

A Night at Pasto Cafe and Bar in Libis

June 13, 2014
Pasto Cafe and Bar, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

Some sort of parting celebration and the same time bonding with them. This is the third week in a row. On May 30, we were at Rufo's Famous Tapa then last week we were at Graffiti Hip Bar. I don't know, it's just some kind of Friday bonding.

The Boracay Shirt

May 30, 2014 

Are we kinda sort of model here? No, not exactly. We just love to buy same print of shirt just like our Baguio shirt. Unfortunately, just the two of us wearing it this day. But its fine coz I love the design of it. Its like we're a rider of a pizza parlor. LOL!

X-Men: Days of Future Past [2014]

May 27, 2014
Robinsons Galleria, Movieworld Cinema 5

This was my first movie I've watched for 2014 and hopefully not the last. Hehehe. I kinda disappointed with this movie in the first few minutes/hour because almost everyone died. They've change the past that's why they were able to bring back the dead including Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Scott Summers (Cyclops). I wonder what would be next to X-Men. Now Phoenix is back, are they going to kill her again? Hmmmp..

Starbucks City Mug - Boracay

May 25, 2014

My first Starbucks City Mug-Boracay for PHP495.00!

Boracay Trip 2014

May 23-26, 2014

Boracay is a paradise for me. I can live here if I got all the money. LOL! The white sand beach, oh I love it. Just saying..