My First Ever (hopefully not last) Outside of the Country Trip [Singapore 2016]

September 8-11, 2016

Yes, hopefully this will not be my last outside of the country trip. But of course this would not be possible if I just rely on my pocket. I just like to thank my sponsor whom cannot be named. LOL!

Travelling alone is quite boring. So if you got someone to drag, even just a friend is very much OK, most specially if it is your lover, wow, that would be awesome. Yeah? Unfortunately, this trip was my alone-time trip. So as expected, boring.

I knew few people working in SG but unfortunately, they're too busy to meet me. Good thing, at least the 2 of them agreed to meet me at their working areas. It was very nice to meet them even just in a very few minutes.
Maricel and Encef at Esprit, City Square Mall

Oh, before anything else, as a first timer to go to another country, I asked everyone I knew who went abroad already (if not all, then at least most of them) about what to do, what are the requirements and everything else. Each one of them had different advises that isn't necessary but it's OK to be prepared always. After all, you want is not to be bothered in the airport by the immigration officer.

These are the sample of them which I did but all of them were not asked but the immigration officer:
1. Bank Statement.
2. Billing Statement.
3. Confirmation of Hotel Bookings, but in my case a letter from the person of where I stay with contact number and complete address.

I was told that I was just lucky because I was not asked too many documents simply because I'm a Filipino because of the impression of not going back and find a job there without proper documents. But at least, I did my homework.

Anyways, the only exciting part of being alone in SG was in Universal Studios Singapore (USS) because there were special line for single and can ride faster than those who came in group. That's the only consolation which I enjoyed so much. It was just so unfortunate of me that I was not able to ride the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN/CYLON because the weather did not cooperate. The rain falls when I started falling in line. Grrrr.. If I got another chance to vist USS, this would be my first ride.
View from Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

Meeting Tim Pavino in Person for the First Time

February 12, 2016
Music Museum, Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila, PH

To meet in person of the artist you saw in TV is just an awesome feeling. The smile in your face is magical specially if they smile back at ya.

When Ms Girlie invited me to join her and Jay to watch Tim Pavino live in Confessions: A Night of Secrets, Stories and Songs, I immediately said yes, specially because the date of the event is the eve of her birthday.

I saw the posters but unfortunately, I haven't seen them all. I met Tim Pavino, Aicelle Santos and surprisingly met Joaquin Valdez (non-performer), Steven Silva, Tippy Dos Santos, Morissette Amon and Sam Conception (non-performer).

By the way, the tickets Ms Girlie bought was 'Stage Couch'. Literally, we're on the stage sitting at the back of the artists which was a bad view actually because all you can see was the back of the performers. You can't even see their faces while performing. The only advantage was, you can ask them to take pictures with you before and after the show which we did but not that advantage at all because all the people who watched the show can come on stage to have photo op with all the artists after the show. Unfortunately I can't share my pictures with the other artists because of my ugly face who doesn't cooperate most the time. LOL!

To be honest, I got starstruck when I met Joaquin "Wacky" Valdez because I've watched him on Studio 23's Breakfast everyday back then. But because I lost words when he personally entertained us, I forgot to asked a picture with him. My bad.

Other performers that I've never saw on TV are: Keiko, Clara Benin (Sister of Jaco Benin and daughter of Side A's Joey Benin), Izza Rodriguez and Bullet (the clown, I mean 'the funny guy').