The Things You Are Going To See In Zamboanga City

I really want to show the people how beautiful Zamboanga City is. That's why I keep on coming back despite of the crisis we've encountered. This is my home after all. Every time I went home, I always take pictures of the establishments I went to or just passed by. Coz I know for a fact that few years from now, it will be gone and will be replaced with the new one or just like be there, like.. forever? Hahaha

If you are in Zamboanga City, or you've been to the city, you might recognized these places or establishments but sometimes few changes has been made after these were taken. These are the few of them!

My favorite bakeshop is D' Master Bakery. I love their double cheese bread and monggo bread.
Department Stores/Specialty Stores
One of the biggest pharmacy chain stores in Zamboanga City is Oro Wonder drug.
There are only 3 universities in Zamboanga City. These are Western Mindanao State University, Ateneo de Zamboanga University and Universidad de Zamboanga. But there are lots of colleges around the city.
I only seen these banks in Zamboanga City. It might be in other places but I haven't seen them yet (as if I've been to the entire Philippines already. LOL!)
Shipping Lines
If you want to go nearby provinces, these are few local shipping lines to choose from.
Government Offices
 Other Landmarks

 Note: All pictures were taken on or before September 3, 2013!

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