OPPO F1s: Holiday Getaway

My favorite Holiday getaway destinations would be, actually I have three in mind, Boracay, Baguio and Singapore.

First, Boracay. Simply because it is truly a paradise. Just walking in the super fine sand especially during sunrise or sunset is just awesome. No words can explain. No matter how populated it is nowadays but still, its true beauty which is the sand, the scenic views, the islets are still there. That's the reason why I'm still looking forward of going back there. I've been there only twice, in 2012 and  in 2014 but still, thinking of going back there excites me.
First Boracay Trip in June 2012

Second, Baguio. Oh come-on, who doesn't want the cold weather of Baguio specially if you're very much exposed to the daily heat in Metro Manila, Baguio is the best getaway all the time. Not just because it is a one bus-ride away, you can simply go there during weekends just to escape the polluted air in Metro Manila. Perfect for cuddle if you have special someone to bring but if there's none, still being there is just perfect already. Oh, I've been to Baguio 4 times already. November 2010, September 2012, January 2013, March 2014 plus some sidetrips from Vigan in February 2011 and from Bataan in March 2011.
First Baguio Trip in November 2010
L-R: Jay, Girlie, Edlen and Encef

Third, Singapore. I know I've been to Singapore only once and this has been my first ever out-of-the-country-trip but there are lot of places there that I haven't explore yet. And besides, I knew some people who's working there. To be outside the country, you only wish to first visit the country which you can explore and of course to meet some friends and a little get together.
First and only out-of-the-country Trip in September 2016

Now that OPPO F1s selfie expert is here, you wouldn't worry that you can't capture your best moments. This is the best Holiday Getaway gadget you'll ever acquired because this would be the most used gadget in hand. OPPO F1s best ever feature is the 16MP Front Camera that you could not ask for more. Its uses a front beauty with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture. This allows for more light to enter the camera and enhance its sensitivity so you can take natural-looking selfies even in low-light conditions. Because of these, you better not forget to bring powerbanks with you to support the battery in case of battery empty.