My Fear of Dogs

January 2, 2014

After our dog Brownie, askal, killed in front of me and after I was almost bitten by almost twice of my size during our visit in Makilala, North Cotabato when I was in grade school, I started to fear to be near with dogs specially the barking one. If they bark near me or at me, my feet can't almost move and shake like they perform without my consent. I don't exaggerate things but I really can't help it. So I always, as much as possible, get away from them.

This feeling never get away with my system even if I got older. The memorable experience of it, was during our dance rehearsal for our Christmas party in 2010 where we went to the house of our supervisor to practice, without knowing that they have a very huge dogs (exaggerated). But huge enough to eat me alive (for real). I don't know what happen but I almost can't remember how I got in the house passing those animals. The next thing I know, I quit the group, and luckily they won. So maybe, it was just my destiny not to be part of them so they could win.

On December 20, 2014 my housemate bought a Shih Tzu, he named him Pray. A very cute one. And most of all very active and sweet one. At first, I got scared, even if he is sweet, to touch him specially when he bark to Kit, a cat. I felt like he really wants to attack Kit, so every time he barks, I always caught myself folding my legs in our fording bed. Hahaha.. Funny but true.

Now Kit and Pray are now like best of friends because they cuddle or bite each other a lot. So Pray doesn't bark that much. If he bark, not that loud anymore and you can always feel that his barks are not to scare you but to play with you. So I started to like him already. From this day forward, I am playing with him already. Pictures below can show you how we get along.

Maybe I don't fear dogs anymore, or just depends on the kind of dogs, I really can't tell coz I still fear them when I see a big one in the street even the one at the malls.

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