Fantastic Four [2015]

August 5, 2015
Cinema 3, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

Oh, I'm trying to make a review here. Don't hate me, I'm not real critic (I don't even know how to make one), I'm just a movie goer that wanna say my two cents worth.

I don't wanna go further to the details of the story because you can read them in Wikipedia or any other sites.

10 years ago, I watched the same movie title, Fantastic Four. So basically, almost everything here is about comparing the 2 movies.

What I Like This Movie

I like this movie because the story started from 5th Grade showing the solid friendship between Reed Richards and Ben Grimm which doesn't happened 10 years ago.

I also like how Sue's power became very useful compare to the previous one.

What I Don't Like This Movie

I don't like how they execute the movie because as a normal being, I can't feel the super heroes around me. Yeah, they maybe saved the world by fighting Doctor Doom but unlike the previous Fantastic Four, they were literally saving people yet struggling in fighting the villain.

Sorry but noticed that I was not convinced about Miles Teller aka Reed Richards' acting that he is a genius one. I don't know but I was just not convinced but on the contrary the younger version of him did a very good job.

To be honest, I still like the 2005 movie than this! But great story though! No wonder there are lots of negative reviews to this movie. Oh, I forgot to mention, first day of showing here in the Philippines but I can count in my fingers the people inside the movie house including us. Sad :'(
Encef and Ms Girlie
Main Characters:
Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
- Ioan Gruffudd (2005); Miles Teller (2015)
Sue Storm / Invisible Woman
- Jessica Alba (2005); Kate Mara (2015)
Johnny Storm / Human Torch
- Chris Evans (2005); Michael B. Jordan (2015)
Ben Grimm / The Thing
- Michael Chiklis (2005); Jamie Bell (2015)

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