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September 2, 2014
Pasonanca, Zamboanga City

I was introduced to blogging during our seminar in college way back in 2007 but I did not take it seriously coz I never had an interest in writing. Maybe because I've been told that my English is poor. Wrong grammar most of the time and as expected there are wrong spelling in it.

Until I found tumblr. I signed up but did not post anything. I just scan the other members and their posts. Then I got interested with it because most of the posts has no words but just pictures. Since I love taking pictures of myself, I got hooked with it. Until a good friend of mine told me that I can customize my blog if I want to and even earn money from it by putting Google ads. So I ask him to help me how to do it. I'm glad he did. He even suggested two more free blog sites, blogger and wordpress that has similar services with tumblr. I signed up those sites and starting to explore how they work. But for me, I found blogger more manageable in terms of customizing them according to my preferred style so as of the moment, my most active blog is in blogger.

I been blogging for years now. Begging my officemates and friends to view or at least click the links of my blogs I sent to them, but most of them, didn't  even care to click it. Honestly, I got hurt that they did not click the links knowing that I beg them to check it. But because of my very strong personality, I did not show them how I felt. I know deep inside that the main reason why they don't care to check it simply because there's nothing interesting to see or read on it. But in my mind, if they ask me same favor, I'll do it with no questions ask coz it will not cost me anything, not even time coz I don't even need to read them. But as time goes by, I got used to it.

Earning from Google ads was definitely not my reason why I do blogging but just posting my pictures for me to have something to remember or even browse in the internet and even show to the people who wants to see my pictures or experiences. But this year I've received my very first payment from Google ads. A month before my birthday. How's that? You know the feeling of excitement and happiness that you can't express/contain? Not to mention very proud because I don't know, I just felt proud. I know this is not big amount of money but the joy it gave me was priceless.

I got the email from Google last August 23 but were not able to check it right away because I was confined in the hospital because of dengue.

Wow, I just like to thank to all the people who click or visit my blogs. Especially to my officemates and friends who tried to please me. I cannot thank you enough.

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