My First Time To Visit SM Megamall Building D

October 25, 2014
SM Megamall Building D, Mandaluyong City

This is my first time actually to check out what are the new additions of SM Megamall.

The main reason why I checked out Building D was to find my friend who is working in H&M. I was expecting the boutique was just a typical boutique I used to go. I was wrong coz they're occupying three level. Oh come on, how can I find her? Still I tried to check every level but found nothing. But during my search, I saw Janno Gibbs and wife Bing Loyzaga in the crowd. It cross my mind to ask a photo op with them but they're too busy searching clothes so I did not bother.

Because I can't find my friend here, so I proceed to meet my other good friends for our get together. We roam around the new building until we've noticed the line of people. Some kind of they've been given a card. Since I've been collecting reward cards from different establishments/brands, so we've decided to check it out.  True, it was a reward card from City Of Dreams Manila. Cool! We even had a raffle ticket for change to win a car instantly, unfortunately I didn't win it but instead a pillow. Not bad! Thanks to them. Superlike!

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