I Maybe A Writer

October 14, 2015
Manila, Philippines

If I was a brainy, maybe I am a writer now. I'd like to write anything and everything. From vision to reality to past. Maybe not in the right sequence, but one thing is for sure, I wanna write it for personal interest and of course, for me to earn money. As far as I know J. K. Rowling is the most acknowledge successful writer in history as of this moment. Who would have thought that writing a children's book would gave her billions of dollars. A lot of money, isn't it? Definitely, there's money in writing. Once your book has been published, expect a revenue from it.

Composing a thought is very hard for me specially if there's spelling and grammar involve coz maybe I didn't pay attention during my English classes from my elementary up to my college days. I don't know, I find it very difficult to juggle with words, understanding them and pronouncing them.

I remember, due to frustrations of getting a job, supposed to be my first job, because nobody wants to hire me in accounting for the reason that I was a fresh graduate and no job experience, Heller, that's why I was looking a job to get experience. Duh! So I applied in several call centers. This time, they didn't hire me to be their agent simply because I didn't meet to their standards:
1. They can't hear me well. My voice is very low.
2. Poor pronunciation.
3. Too many pauses when talking (too many 'um...').
4. Wrong grammar.

So back to basic, I mean, back to finding job related to what I studied. I became a constant customer in a computer shop. I spent at least an hour everyday to check if somebody responded to my applications via email. When there's none, I have to stay just to consume the paid hour. Take note, because of this, I started writing a blog. The first comment I've got was to correct my grammar and spelling. Cool huh? That's why I said to myself, 'If I keep this blog thing, it should be a photo blog'. But then I learned that blogging can earn you money because google is willing to pay you if you activate their AdSense. Since I am up for money, I did activate it. The catch is, you need to have more page view to earn $. My friend told me that in order get more audience, I need to have at least 500 words. wow! That's a lot of words! Where to find them? LOL!

And by the way, why I am writing this in English if I can't speak English very well? Well, for the sake of writing and to be not limited only to my country and able to reach other countries who can understand English.

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