October 31, 2012
Movieworld Cinema 2, Robinsons Galleria

This is my first time to watch a James Bond movie series in full and in a movie-house. I must admit the teaser of the movie makes me want to watch it.

The story is more on Drama. It talks about fear, trauma and revenge. "Return to classic Bond, and classic is good!" as they say. I can't compare this with other series coz I haven't seen any of them. But I was expecting more action. Something like I almost forgot to breath like Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. But I'm not disappointed with the movie because I like the story of it.

Bond was given by Q a gun that was coded with his palm print, how cool is that? For me, this is the highlight of the movie. What I mean is, as far as I know, Bond was known for having an advance gadget.

You might see or heard these lines that you shouldn't miss:
Think of your sins!
Mommy was very bad!

First movie together after breakup! :(

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