The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 [2012]

November 15, 2012
Robinsons Movieworld, Cinema 4

The story evolve for the arrival of the new member of the Cullen family, Renesmee.

Renesmee Carlie "Nessie" Cullen (pronounced ruh-NEZ-may /ˌrəˈnɛzmeɪ/) is the daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, born on September 10, three days before Bella's nineteenth birthday in Breaking Dawn. Her name is derived from the amalgamation of the names of Bella's mother, Renée, and Edward's adoptive mother, Esme. Jacob nicknames her "Nessie" because he considers her full name to be a mouthful, though Bella strongly dislikes her child being nicknamed "after the Loch Ness Monster."

After being brought back from near-death by Edward after childbirth, Bella begins her new life as a vampire and mother to their daughter, Renesmee. But when Irina, a member of the Denali coven (they are considered to be cousins of the Cullen family), mistakenly reports Renesmee as a human infant who has been bitten and transformed into a vampire to the Volturi, they set out to battle and destroy the Cullens for breaking vampire law. To prove their innocence, the Cullens gather foreign vampire clans, including the Denali, the Amazonian, the Egyptian, the Irish, and Romanian covens, and also European and American nomads, to stand as their witnesses to the Volturi, who have ulterior motives for battling the Cullens. With their allies and the Quileute wolf pack, the Cullens defend themselves against the Volturi.

Alice brings another half-breed, 150-year-old Nahuel, who explains that half-breeds pose no danger to the vampires.

This is the most jam-packed-action and exciting installment among others. All I can say is brilliant! Good job and congratulations!

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